Superior Bulk Logistics Opens Outside Maintenance Centers

Tuesday, Jun 25 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

superior carriers tankerAt Superior Bulk Logistics, truck drivers are getting the chance to save time and money while keeping their rigs running smoothly. Preventative truck maintenance and timely repairs are the best ways to extend the life of your equipment. Plus, you make sure to take advantage of those truck warranties before they expire. Learn more about how Superior Bulk Logistics is providing this type of maintenance for drivers right at their terminals.

About Outside Maintenance

According to Wes Stone, Superior Bulk Logistics President and CEO, “Essentially, we are turning terminals into complete maintenance centers. We plan to do a beta test in Karns City, Pennsylvania, and if that proves as successful as we anticipate, we’ll strategically replicate that model at other SBL terminals.”

At the Karns City, Pennsylvania location, drivers are benefiting from a bevy of maintenance services. At the newly upgraded facility, mechanics have been providing HM 183 inspections and preventative maintenance. This includes maintenance of lights, brakes, and other needed repairs by drivers getting ready to go out on the road with a load.

The terminal also provides a Safety Lane Check for drivers. These include a comprehensive pre-trip inspection that takes half an hour for mechanics to complete. The Safety Lane Check includes an under the trailer inspection.

Nedal Awada, who is the regional vice president for the Atlantic Region, said, “We were already doing outside tank washing in Karns City, and the customers that we serviced had another need and we knew that we have experienced mechanics able to provide them with a one-stop full-service solution.”

Additional Service Terminals

Karns City, Pennsylvania is the beta test facility for Superior Bulk Logistics, the company has already started providing maintenance at the Lakeland, Florida terminal. In addition, drivers will have access to maintenance services at the following locations in the coming future.

  • Auburn, Maine
  • Lake Charles, Louisiana in Sulphur
  • Houston, Texas in Pasadena
  • Kingsport, Tennessee

If you live near one of these truck driver terminals for Superior Bulk Logistics, you will be right in line to apply to a local trucking job.

Types of Trucking Jobs at Superior Bulk Logistics

For drivers interested in working at Superior Bulk Logistics, the carrier offers bulk tank trucking jobs. This includes food grade products and chemicals. Therefore, you will need to have a Class A CDL with a hazmat and tank endorsement. This is necessary to haul this type of freight, and having this before you apply to this trucking job is key to getting hired.

About Superior Bulk Logistics

Superior Bulk Logistics was founded in 1940. Today the company hauls freight in 49 US states and into Canada and Mexico. This includes 6.8 billion pounds of freight over 68 million miles in 2018 alone. Find out more about working for this trucking company with trucking information on the company profile here at Trucker Classifieds. We help you decide if you want to work for a certain trucking company or spend time searching for a different employer.

Finding Trucking Jobs Fast

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Source: SBL - Blog

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