Finding Trucking Jobs in Massachusetts at Boyle Transportation

Thursday, Jul 11 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

semi truck for boyle transportationWhether you are a truck driver with hazardous materials experience or you want to become one, we have a truck driving job prospect for you. Boyle Transportation is a trucking company in Billerica, Mass. that hires truckers for hazmat freight loads. In addition, you can find trucking jobs in high-security and sensitive freight, as well as protective shipping. If you are trained in military trucking and have experience in hazmat and security freight hauls, then this might be the perfect opportunity for you. Check out more about Boyle Transportation in MA to see if you are a good fit for this trucking job in the Northeastern region.

About Boyle Transportation in Mass.

Boyle Transportation was established in 1971 as a hazardous materials hauler that hires regional team drivers. The company also handles expedited freight hauls and dedicated trucking loads. As a hazmat trucking company, Boyle Transportation handles some pretty explosive cargo. Here you get the chance to transport shipments of radioactive materials, flammable chemicals, and actual explosives. The company, offering New England trucking jobs, is a great place to get started with hazardous materials trucking jobs if you are interested in this skill set. And you should be.

As a hazmat hauler, you stand to make more money per mile, every mile. That’s because you have to go through the extra process of getting your commercial driver's license endorsement. This involves getting a background check with the TSA to ensure you are safe to transport hazmat freight. You’ll also be required to pass an endorsement test for the hazmat endorsement on your CDL. When you get your CDL, it’s a good idea to go ahead and get the hazmat endorsement at a minimum.

Another great endorsement you want to have when applying to trucking jobs at Boyle Transportation would be the tank endorsement. This is required for you to haul chemicals and flammable gas. The tank endorsement and hazmat endorsement, along with the doubles/triples endorsement and air brakes are the four endorsements that will carry you the farthest as a trucker.

Work as Expedited Team Driver

Expedited team trucking jobs at Boyle Transportation offer you the chance to take freight 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a regional trucking company in the Northeast, you are in the prime position to pick up freight close to your home. Get plenty of home time and make that work-life balance happen for yourself as a truck driver with regional trucking jobs. The operations center at Boyle Transportation runs non-stop to give shipping customers the services they need and expect. This means as a truck driver for Boyle you have the dispatchers and call service providers that you need when you need them.

Furthermore, Boyle Transportation works hard to make sure that all drivers on the company fleet are prepared to handle the specialized hazmat hauls. You are fully trained and prepared to take this type of freight from Day One.

Truck Driver Pay at Boyle Transportation

To be a truck driver at Boyle Transportation means you will start out making at least $1,540 every single week. This company offers guaranteed minimum pay for team truck drivers, which is terrific trucking news. You are also paid for team driver orientation to the paycheck of $5,000. That’s the most this desk has seen any company get paid to date for truck driver orientation.

However, you may have expenses that you need to cover specifically as a team driver that make this type of bonus pay more explanatory. Otherwise, this is on par with the amount other trucking companies are paying for a sign-on bonus. You are able to get paid for stops and detention time, and you are paid by the mile.

Drivers make 28 to 33 cents per mile depending on seniority. During your first year of employment as a truck driver at Boyle Transportation, you will be making 28 cents per driver or 56 CPM per team. By the time you reach 10 years with the company, you’ll be making a guaranteed weekly salary of $1,815 at 66 CPM per team with Sundays off.

Finding a Trucking Job in NE

If you want to work for a trucking company like Boyle Transportation in New England, you’ll need to find a trucking job. Here at Trucker Classifieds, we give you the information you need to make that happen right now. Plus, it’s free to use our truck driver job search services. Start searching for your new trucking job today at Trucker Classifieds to find out whether Boyle Transportation is hiring near you. Apply to a Northeast trucking job right there on the same screen, also without paying for a single thing.

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