8 Trucking Schools in Oklahoma

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aerial view of the back of a truck on a highwayIn Oklahoma, as a student interested in truck driver training, there are a few options. However, it should be noted that none of the community colleges and technical institutes offer truck driver training. Most states provide some state and public truck driving schools for CDL students. Hopefully, Oklahoma will increase its options and provide more truck driver training programs for students. In the meantime, check out where you can go to learn how to be an OK truck driver with a Class A CDL.

Privately Owned Trucking Schools

As you search for Oklahoma trucking schools, stick with private companies as these are the only training providers. Here is a comprehensive list to help you navigate your search:

  • American Truck Driving School in Lawton
  • American Truck Training in Oklahoma City and Tulsa
  • Arbuckle Truck Driving School, Inc in Ardmore
  • Central Tech Truck Driver Training in Drumright
  • CDL University LLC in Oklahoma City
  • Central Tech in Drumright
  • Oklahoma Truck Driving Academy LLC in Ada
  • Roadmaster Drivers School in Tulsa

Choosing Nationwide Schools in OK

All of the truck driving schools in Oklahoma train truck drivers in a privately owned establishment. In addition, these schools include several with nationwide facilities. Therefore, you gain the perspective and network of a national trucking community, which is good for your career. Take American Truck Training that has two locations in Oklahoma, as well as locations in Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, and Kansas. By going with a school with multiple locations, you increase your ability to use their trucking job placement services.

Roadmasters Drivers School is another training provider with national facilities. Consider whether you would benefit from choosing a school that can provide you with out of state training in the future. For instance, if you decide to move to another state and become a trucker, you might be interested in taking a refresher course in that state. This can help you understand any changes to state or local DOT laws and regulations that you must now comply with.

Trucking Jobs and CDL Training in Oklahoma

Another way to supplement your training opportunities in OK is to start searching for trucking jobs now. Look here on Trucker Classifieds for trucking companies in Oklahoma that are hiring student drivers. Find the carriers that offer tuition reimbursement or paid CDL training through their company. This will help you in a number of ways.

First of all, you can get started with a truck driver training program with the support of a future employer. As a result, you’ll already have your foot in the door for your first trucking job. By taking a tuition reimbursement or accepting paid training, you will be contracted with the carrier to work. This will give you the behind the wheel experience you are looking for starting out. As you develop your skills and learn how to be a trucker, you’ll gain the confidence to search for better-paying trucking jobs.

You'll also be able to network and connect with other truck drivers when you are working for a company that trains you. This gives you the ability to learn those trade secrets about being a trucker that you won't read in any book. Plus, you'll be able to meet people who can help you propel your trucking career when searching for top paying jobs for truckers.

Get started with your first trucking job by applying for trucking jobs for student drivers here at Trucker Classifieds today!

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