20 Trucking Schools in Washington State

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truck on the road next to mountainsThe state of Washington is home to a booming lumber business alongside a tech manufacturing economy. Headquarters of Amazon, the real elephant in the room is the explosion of the e-commerce industry that has come out of the region. The trucking industry has been transformed by the huge demand in online shopping deliveries. If you are interested in joining the industry as a truck driver in Washington, you are in the prime position for getting top paying trucking jobs. Start here with this all-inclusive list of truck driver CDL training facilities in Washington State.

Private Trucking Schools in Washington

The majority of truck driving schools in the state are owned and operated by private trucking companies. In fact, this is the most common type of truck driver training in most states. Here is a list of the 18 private training facilities in Washington:

  • Seattle Truck Driving School in Pacific
  • DRM CDL Training in Tacoma
  • Commercial Driver School in Auburn, Lakewood, Port Orchard, and Olympia
  • Pacific Professional Driving School in Tacoma and Kent
  • Independent Truck Driver Training, Inc. in Seattle, Yakima, and Union Gap
  • Pacific Truck School in Seattle
  • Western Pacific Truck School in Centralia
  • Taylor Driving Schools in Burlington
  • North Cross Commercial Driving School in Burlington
  • Skagit City Trucking School in Mt. Vernon
  • Check Ride Driver Training Services in Woodinville
  • Drive 509 in Spokane
  • T-Enterprises Truck Driving School in Pasco
  • West Coast Training in Woodland
  • Dragons Truck School in Everett
  • C&H Trucking Academy in Sunnyside
  • OK CDL Training in Omak
  • Trans 360 CDL Training in Olympia

Community Colleges and Military Training

A unique opportunity is available for student drivers who are also military veterans in Washington. The Joint Base Lewis-McChord military base offers the Troops Into Transportation program. This extends truck driver training services exclusively for military vets. Washington also provides CDL training for trucking school students at one local technical college:

  • Troops Into Transportation at Joint Base Lewis-McChord
  • Bates Technical College in Tacoma

How to Choose a Trucking School in Washington

When working with a private trucking school in Washington, you want to focus on a few key points. The first is to look at the type of CDL training available. As an OTR truck driver in the PNW, you want to get your Class A CDL. This will enable you to get long-haul trucking jobs that pay the most money. If the school only offers bus driver training, that is Class B CDL training and not applicable to OTR trucking.

The second area to focus on is the starting dates for classes. If the program does not start until next year, and it is only May, then you will most likely want to choose another one. If the CDL training program has a new class every week, that is easier to work with for most student drivers.

Next, look at how long each class runs. The average truck driver training program is 30 days. You can also find trucking schools with CDL training in just one week or one weekend. Select trucking schools will even offer a single-day-long training course for truckers who already have a good understanding of how to drive a truck.

If you have minimal behind the wheel experience, then obviously you will want to go with a truck driver training program that is more comprehensive. In your case, one day of training will not be nearly enough. Use your own judgment when deciding how long you should go to training for at a CDL school in Washington.

The next consideration is tuition. Think about how much your truck driving school will cost overall. This includes tuition, CDL exam fees, study guides, and living expenses. If you are going to miss work to go to trucking school, then you will also need to be able to afford to take this time off. An alternative for paying for CDL training is to get tuition reimbursement from a trucking company. The way to do this is to start by getting a trucking job.

Finding Trucking Jobs for Student Drivers

As a student driver, you need to have a resource at your disposal to find trucking jobs. Most trucking companies will not hire you without behind the wheel experience. How do you find those that will? Check out the tens of thousands of trucking job listings for student drivers on Trucker Classifieds.

We feature the trucking companies who are actively recruiting student drivers. That’s right, there are companies out there that do want to hire drivers like you. It’s all a matter of getting matched up with the right carriers.

At Trucker Classifieds, we showcase entry-level trucking jobs for student drivers at companies willing to pay for your trucking school tuition. This way you win twice. First, you get a trucking job with a great company. Second, you earn the money you need to cover your CDL tuition. It’s a perfect way to start your new truck driving career in Washington.

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