Winter weather leads to HOS exemptions

Wednesday, Jan 15 2014 admin

BlizzardLast week’s fierce winter storm brought snow measured in feet onto U.S. roads and highways along with ice and high winds, creating dangerous driving conditions and traffic snarls throughout the nation. Roads in the Midwest in particular were so bad that even rock salt wasn’t effective. If that wasn’t enough, record-breaking low temperatures gripped most of the nation, driving up the need for extra fuel. Combine those two intersecting dilemmas and another kind of challenge takes shape – how to get the extra fuel to those in need in a timely manner.

Several states responded to the emergency situation by issuing temporary exemptions from federal hours-of-service rules to truck drivers hauling fuel to or within their states. The following waivers were put into place and remain active:


A state of emergency was declared by Gov. Mike Beebe, which exempted carriers and drivers hauling liquefied petroleum gas and those carrying loads that provide direct assistance for emergency relief until Jan. 17.


Connecticut’s DMV granted an exemption starting Jan. 10 and ending Jan. 16, for drivers hauling gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, and propane in the state. Drivers must have a copy of the exemption with them.


Kentucky’s DOT issued an emergency declaration that exempts propane transporters from hours-of-service rules until Jan. 28.


An emergency proclamation exempting drivers carrying heating fuel and bulk petroleum from federal hours-of-service regulations until Jan. 18 was issued by Gov. Paul LePage.


The emergency executive order from Gov. Mark Dayton allowing for relief from hours-of-service rules for carriers and drivers in the state hauling propane and other emergency relief loads expires Feb. 7.


An executive order from Gov. Mary Fallin suspends hours-of-service rules for drivers hauling liquefied petroleum gas within the state until Feb. 5.


Gov. Scott Walker issued an executive order allowing carriers and drivers to be exempt from hours-of-service rules until Jan. 22 if they are in the process of obtaining or transporting propane.

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